Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Hello! from Tonbridge in the UK

I'm here!! A whole week already. It's wonderful to be with George again. The days are longer and brighter (than when I was here in Dec/Jan) but the air is very cold...but I'm sure that I will get used to it...I am already dressing more wisely when going out as I know that when on the train/bus or in an office, it is quite warm.

We have settled in really nicely in our new home. I am looking forward to receiving our few boxes from SA as then we will be surrounded with a few of our own things - even if it is something small like a tea cup! (there's not much space for much else!) It's been quite fun setting up home again and experiencing the things that people use for their homes here - there are many "spece-saving" ideas which are quite clever to use that we are not familiar with in SA as we have so much space in our homes and the sun outside to dry things often

It was sad to leave a beautifully renovated home. The handover to the new tenants went well and we hope that they will enjoy living there and love our home as we do.

I have been spending some time catching up with everyone. My days here are quiet...George and I go jogging in the mornings (light at 6am but very cold), do some housework, catch up on admin and then go for a walk, explore the area and read - sometimes meet George at lunch for a hot chocolate/coffee at Starbucks...mmm. I will enjoy this pace for now as it will get really busy when I start working.

I have made contact with some recruitment agencies. I went for my first meeting yesterday and the agent has put me forward for 2 training positions, both with above average incomes. I want to do as much investigation as I can before jumping into a job just to get a job.

We went to a friend's birthday on Friday night in London and then stayed over with my cousin and his wife - Nico and Lize. George left early on Saturday morning to get to work and I spent a wonderfully lazy day with Nico and Lize. On Sunday we took our first trip through Kent. We visited the seaside village, Whitstable. Whitstable is only an hour's drive - north east of Tonbridge. It took us longer to get there though as we went through a few villages and also visited an Antique Fair which I really enjoyed. We drove in a Fiat (something like my Uno - only with 2 doors - but more comfortable and it has power steering which is really great.). It is Nico's "old" car and he has offered to sell it to us which we will most likely do as it's just the thing we need for now. It won't be used much during the week as we are within walking distance of the station, bus stop and George's office.

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