Monday, 11 May 2009

The garden....after

Still a work in progress, but I'm loving every minute of pottering around...can't wait for some of the plants to start flowering
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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The garden....before

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Family, Friends & Neighbours

Our friends and now, also neighbours, Catherine and Duncan
Jo and Kate sharing some Easter Eggs
Having breakfast in the garden with Jo and Kate (Jo behind the camera lens)
Nico and Lize, Cath and Dunc at The Hand & Scepter in Southborough
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Packing, Painting & Planting

That’s what the last 3 weeks have involved…packing, painting and planting. Enjoyment of these 3 tasks is in the opposite order – starting with planting!

We are quite settled in our new place – it’s starting to take shape- the kitchen is no longer a ghastly pink and the 2 bedrooms are nearly finished being painted in more neutral colours – it’s taken quite a lot of white paint to break up the dark colours – but we are getting there…I say “we” but read “Leanne”. I have become quite the “handyman” between preparing and facilitating training workshops… any questions re: paint – just ask me!

The extra space and the warmer weather has been a treat – our best is sitting on the garden bench at the end of the day and catching up.

George took some time off over the Easter weekend and had a good break from his working routine – moving into the house was much more exciting! It was like setting up home again as we needed the basics e.g. kettle, toaster. We were spoilt in the previous place as Max left us his things to use. It was fun shopping for the items- who knew there are so many choices when it comes to vacuum cleaners!

I’m very excited about the garden. Every few days I plant a pot or two with something – so it’s a work in progress. The little bit I have done has already made a difference and I can’t wait until the plants start flowering. I have some ideas for hanging baskets and some evergreens are a this space...

A new season - a new place

Our new rented accomodation in Sussex Road. We're still in Tonbridge - only one street away from where we used to live, in fact. We are very excited to moving as we will now have much more space (2 living rooms and 2 bedrooms) and ... a garden!! Just in time for Spring

A glimpse of the inside spaces

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