Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A walk through castle gardens and some scones and cream

After a lazy Sunday morning we decided to take a trip to a village I spotted when coming home on the train from London last week. It's called, Leigh and looked very picturesque with horses and paddocks etc. We looked it up on our AA map book and started driving. What a lovely place it is...only 2 minutes to drive through, but it looks like pictures out of a story book.

We noticed a sign to Penshurst and decided to follow it. Penshurst is another very small village which is home to Penshurst Place - an English house (dates back to 14th century) which has been passed through the hands of royalty and notable courtiers and nobles during its history. The Sidney family still live there and allow part of the house and its gardens to be open to the public. Penshurst was actually used as a location for some of the scenes of the movie, "The other Boleyn Girl" which has just been released in the cinema this month. (co-incidentally, we watched the movie on Friday night in Tunbridge Wells) After paying an entrance fee, we took a walk through the gardens and the house. It's still too early in spring to see the gardens at their best so we will have to visit again!

Before driving home we decided to visit a tea room. We had some delicious coffee, scones, strawberry jam and cream. From an information brochure we found out that one could cycle along a traffic free route from Tonbridge to Penshurst, so guess what we will be doing soon...

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