Sunday, 25 May 2008

Braaivleis, Boerewors, Burger Patties and Sunny Skies!

There is no better way to celebrate the start of summer (even if it is was a bit of a shaky start) than to have a good old-fashioned South African favourite - a braai. Here in the UK, a braai is called a "barbecue". This involves gas, coals (not much flame) and hamburger patties...yes, you read correctly, hamburger patties. One of the reasons given for using patties is that meat is very expensive. For us, money is no object when it comes to food, especially red meat - sizzling over red hot coals. We shared our first barbecue with our friends, Jo and her sister, Kate (South Africans who have been staying in the UK for about 10 years) and their friends. George and I agreed (after our initial surprise) that burger patties are a really good option and have included them in our grocery list.
George - King of the Barbecue!
(He has become the official barbecue'er)

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Saturday, 24 May 2008


Our fellow South Africans - Jo (right) and her sister, Kate (left)

Enjoying our braai at Kate & Jo's place
Look at the stacked toast - a delicious extra that no braai was without at Cape St Francis (SA)
Take 2 slices of bread per person - lightly butter the "outside" of each slice
Inside, spread some chutney and add sliced cheese, tomato and onion, salt & pepper
When coals are not too hot toast until cheese melts - serve hot/cold - mmmmmm
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