Tuesday, 18 March 2008

18 March is a very special day

Our families and special friends witnessed George and I exchanging our wedding vows on 18 March 2006. The ceremony and reception was held at "The Dunes" guesthouse in Cape st Francis (see "And she said, "Yes!" entries in archives)

We celebrated our 2nd anniversay at the "Honeymoon Restuarant" this evening - a delightful Chinese (and Thai) restuarant...just around the corner from where we stay. Our food was delicious - imagine roast duck in an orange sauce, sweet and sour pork, mushroom chow mein and a bean sprout vegetable dish. After a shared banana fritter dessert, the owners treated us to a liquer each "on-the-house"! An unexpected treat to end our evening.

We will be sharing many more meals at the "Honeymoon Restuarant" in future.

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