Monday, 2 August 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

Smallhythe Place in Tenterden (Kent) provided a lovely backdrop for Shakespeare's comedy. Ellen Terry, the grande dame of Victorian theatre, owned the estate. After her death, her daughter set out to make it a permanent memorial to her mother. The barn has been converted into a theatre and during the summer, plays are held outdoors - we didn't miss the opportunity of booking tickets and enjoying the evening.

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Sue Gee said...

This looks like so much fun and probably reminded you of our Manville Theatre at St George's Park?
We went to see Joan of Arc there and while the Maid of Oleans was was burning at the stake - giving her most passionate speech - a dog wondered on the outdoor stage and lifted its leg - alas it was not enough to put out the fire and Joan perished as per the script!