Thursday, 28 August 2008

Exploring the Wye Valley

The roads are very narrow so these road signs are a common sight.

On our last day we stopped at Harts Barn Craft Centre for lunch. The building was once an old Norman hunting lodge built by William, Duke of Normandy to keep his hounds when he came to hunt in the forest. We met 2 resident artists: Chris, a design jeweller and Carrie, a stone mason. Chris kindly offered to polish our wedding bands while we had lunch in the tea room. Carrie studied sculpture after school and then entered into an apprenticeship to become a stone mason. That morning she was busy carving the name of someone's house on stone - it was a prize that they had won at the stone mason's craft fair that had been held recently.

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Harts Barn Craft Centre:

Cat's Eye Carving:

Chris Ball Design Jeweller:

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