Sunday, 27 April 2008

Leeds Castle 27.04.08

Summer is here....I think...and what a wonderful way to have spent it in the grounds at Leeds Castle. I say the grounds, because we didn't go into the castle (We will do so on our next visit). The day was far too fine to spend any of it indoors. Leeds Castle was holding a horse and crafts fair over the weekend. There weren’t many stalls – but those that were there had really lovely things – handcrafted jewellery, children’s handmade toys and of course the delicious food stalls. We enjoyed a lamb burger with yoghurt and mint sauce for lunch. The horse events were fun to watch – a Quadrille (4 horses doing a drill to music), a side-saddle event with the riders dressed up in costume, The Mini Marvels (miniature ponies) and sheep dogs working with geese. We enjoyed the sheep dogs working with geese the most – the dogs needed to “herd” the geese across the arena and into a pen – they were guided by a man (all dressed up in his tweed coat, hat and holding a crook) who gave the dogs commands – each in a different voice depending on the dog he needed - see pics in following blog entry.

George took photographs of the ducks, a pair of swans and their chicks, a peacock (who was doing his very best to attract attention by showing off his tail feathers) and some other birds - he is adding the really good photographs to his expanding portfolio.

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Ruaan said...

Hi U 2! Look as if you are having fun in the UK! Was great talking to you last week. Winter is upon us here in SA and it's starting to get cold. Pls sent me an email adres. Thanx Ruaan